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Beer Cans are worth big money at Beer Can World

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Beer Cans!

Welcome to Beer Can World, the best location on the Internet to sell your old beer cans and now, your old soda cans too!   I always pay TOP DOLLAR for both vintage beer can and soda cans!

I am constantly looking for flat top and cone top beer cans and vintage pop cans from the late 1940's to the 1980's.

We can collectors have our own language!   I'll give you quick lesson in beer can collecting lingo.  Just click here to visit my page on Beer Can Lingo.   You can even learn how to "grade" a beer can.  By grade, we mean how you determine the condition of a beer can and from that, I can tell you just how much that can is worth.

Where can you find these old cans?

Beer cans can have gorgeous graphicsSome of the best places are crawl spaces, basements, and attics in old homes, barns, and sheds and even inside the walls (drywall)!   You can find some of the most valuable beer cans when a building is either being torn down or remodeled.  Sometimes you can find your treasure in old inventory storage rooms of small stores.  Look around!  You COULD be sitting on some serious money, and I'll make sure you get cash for those vintage beer and soda cans!

My name is Bill Deluca, and I guarantee that I will offer you the best price for your old beercans, soda cans or collections.  Just call me toll free at 877-291-0326 and tell me what you have to offer.

Handling an estate that has a beer can collection?  No problem.  I have evaluated beer can collections for years.  I can assist in valuing the beer can collection, or I may simply buy the whole thing!  I am also interested in buying collections of soda cans.

Call me today toll free at 877-291-0326.  If I am not there, leave a message. I will return your call or respond to your email just as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours.  Thanks for visiting!  My beer can collection is extensive.  Want to see some of my best cans?  Visit my favorites page, a slide show, complete with soft music!

Now it's
Soda Cans!

Recently, I was introduced to a new hobby: Collecting Soda Cans!

I was truly impressed by the quality and artwork of some of the cans produced for distribution...especially those Special Issue cans!

As always, I am interested in buying Mint or 1+  soda cans from the late 1940's  to the 80's.  As always, I will pay TOP DOLLAR for the cans I want!

I may also be interested in buying existing collections!

Whether you have just a single can or a collection, contact me now and make yourself some money!

At Beer Can World, I always pay top dollar! Always!


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